Our Story

We are a family passionate about creating energy tools that are both appealing to the eye and serve to assist in meditation, focus and raising both the personal and collective awareness. 

Everything is comprised of energy and we love to combine the natural elements of the Earth in the form of crystals and metals and herbs. We blend and fuse these materials with love into a medium that expands the energy of the natural world into the lives of the receiver.

We are blessed to create within the peace and serenity of a crystal field outside in nature filled with curious wildlife like deer, owls, squirrels, rabbits and countless birds tweeting their songs. We are Certified Crystal Healers as well as Reiki and Crystal Reiki Masters.  We infuse all of our products with these principle to create the most energetic, harmonic healing tools that work to enhance your life in every way! 

Peace and blessings,,

The Lovelys

Jeff, Dana, Violet and Sage