What is Metatron’s Cube

This is part 4 of a series on understanding Sacred Geometry)

Metatron’s Cube can be thought of as the container of Sacred Geometry. It contains all of the building blocks of matter, the platonic solids. It is a fractal expansion of the basic pattern created with the Seed of Life then expanded into the flower of life, then the fruit of life followed by a shift of the perspective from feminine to masculine.

What or who is Metatron?

The geometry of what we know refer to as Metatron’s Cube was first discovered by Italian Mathematician Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci)

According to legend, Metatron is considered an Arc Angel. While the name doesn’t appear in the bible, Metatron is revered by Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. He has been linked to Thoth, the Egyptian Scribe, Enoch, and Archangel Michael, just to name a few.

While the figure above may appear complicated, it offers a very fundamental truth about the nature of reality and our self. To complete Metatron’s Cube from the fruit of life we simply have to draw a straight line between the centers of every circle.

This is the universe’s way of saying all are one, equal and joined at the heart to create all of matter. It reveals that life and indeed the whole world changes when we shift the focus of our perspective.

For example, ten people can be looking at Metatron’s Cube and see ten different things. All ten things would be valid and correct. We lose this truth when we close our hearts to another’s perspective.  Just as all of the platonic solids are necessary to create the reality we share, Metatron’s Cube teaches us that every aspect of source is equal, has value and is necessary for all to be.

For one to be, all must also be. For the all to be complete, each one must be.

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