Below some common questions and answers.
Product and Process Info
Are these handmade?
Our products are handmade by us in our home studio located on a quartz crystal field.
Are they made in America?
Yes, we make all our own stuff and do not use child labor like the Indian imports.
Are they made to order?

Yes, our items are made to order and infused with reiki, sound, and healing energy.

What are your product made of?

While they may feel similar to acrylic, our products are cast in a polyester resin that compresses the contents inside. This constant compression is what creates the piezoelectric effect that comes when you squeeze a crystal.

How will my order ship?
Currently, all orders ship via USPS unless another carrier is requested. We can ship via FedEx and UPS as well.
How long does it take to ship?

We try to keep things in stock and ready to go but with the pandemic, sometimes we have a wait for certain items due to delay in materials, etc.

UPDATE: June 2020

We are currently working with about a 7-10 day turnaround time.

Can I come pick up my order?
We do not currently offer order pick-up.
Can you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship all international orders with USPS. Please note shipping times to your country during COVID-19. We know that they are taking longer to receive internationally. We also offer FedEx, UPS and DHL.


Do I need to charge my items?

The composition of our items contains a mix of organic and inorganic materials that create a constant flow of energy. Our items due to not need to be charged like crystals and will actually work to clear and balance crystals if you place them near.  Of course, if you feel like you should, go for it!

Can I get these items wet?

It is not advised to get these items submerged in water. To preserve the life the pendant, we recommend taking them off for shower and water activities.

This is because there are tiny microscopic holes that are continuing to merge and can trap water inside the pendant and create cosmetic distortions.  After about 5 years, when the pendant has fully compressed it is safe to wear in the water.

Are they Fragile?

Our items are fragile and care should be taken to avoid dropping on hard surfaces and tugging on the pendant. Often we can fix this if it happens, just let us know.

If I don't like my items, can I return them?
We want you to be happy with your order. If you’re not let us know within 7 days for pendants, 14 days for cell phone discs, pyramids and non-wearable items that you wish to return your items. Return your items undamaged for a refund.