Elite Shungite Orgone Pendant – Orgonite® EMF Balance Seed of Life


This powerful 5g EMF balancing pendant features Elite / Noble Shungite, surrounded by an iron sacred geometry disc and backed by copper, quartz, black tourmaline, and black kyanite. Our pendants are Family made in America by certified crystal healers in our crystal field. Orgonite is a resin-based material that constricts crystals and

Shungite is an ancient stone formed nearly 2 billion years ago during Earth’s volcanic age. This amazing mineral contains extremely high amounts of carbon, purified by fire, as well as trace amounts of virtually every element on the periodic table. While Shungite’s origin remain a mystery, its healing powers are not.

There are different classifications of Shungite based on the percentage of carbon it contains. Class A Shungite is also referred to as Noble or Elite Shungite and it contains over 98% carbon. As carbon-based beings, this mineral is incredibly beneficial to us.

The power of Shungite comes from its structure. This structure, also known as fullerenes, has a honeycomb-like geometric shape that allows it to cleanse all impurities in whatever substance it encounters. It has been refined by fire during Earth’s formation and has the ability to both absorb and disperse any unbalanced or unrefined energy it encounters.

Shungite has the ability to conduct electricity and is a powerful shield for unbalanced emf radiation emitted by the devices that make up our connected world.

Sterling Silver, Copper, brass and iron power fill the back and make this a truly unique orgonite pendant.

Size: 1" diameter
Comes with a hemp cord or optional sterling silver chain.



Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in