EMF Color-Changing Orgonite Pendant


This pendant features a mesmerizing effect we call the Opal Aurora.  This pendant will change color as the temperature rises, flashing all colors of the rainbow throughout the day. This stunning effect can be turned off if you want to see the stones underneath and then reset to display the flow of color once again. In nature, we see this dazzling display of color in the Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights.  Named by Galileo after two Roman gods, Aurora, the Goddess of the dawn, and Boreal, the god of wind; this effect is caused by excited particles emanating from the sun and carried to Earth by the solar wind.

These charged particles strike the ionosphere in the upper atmosphere, exciting the oxygen and nitrogen molecules and as they return to their non-excited state, they release photons creating the Aurora.  The southern lights, known as Aurora Australis create the same effect at the south pole.

These lights remind us of the delicate balance of the natural world. The lights reveal a magnetic force field around Earth that protects us from large solar flares, without which life on earth would end.  When we see them we know that we are protected.

In the crystal world, this play of light can be best found in the Opal, a hydrated amorphous form of silica. The opal is made up of the same chemicals as quartz but has additional water. An Opal can contain up to 21% water and its name comes from the Sanskrit word 'Upala' which means jewel and later 'opallios' in Greek meaning 'to see a change in color'.  In precious opals, light is diffracted by the hexagonal microstructure. This diffraction occurs when the light wave encounters an obstacle or opening. It is defined as the bending of light waves around the corners of an obstacle or through the opening.

Through these examples, from the macro to the micro, we see that light is easily able to bend around our obstacles to create something beautiful. So much of our lives is living this very principle. We bend our light around the obstacles we encounter. We preserve, and we overcome. 'Around or through it' is the energy that light brings through us.

Under the lights, the pendant is filled with a protective field of the carbon-rich elite shungite, known for its powerful honeycomb structure of filtration as well as finely ground black tourmaline and black kyanite as well as our usual backing mix of copper and quartz.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

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