Orgone Pyramid – THIRD EYE crystals



Ascend your mental house and third eye chakra with this Flower of Life Ascension pyramid.

In this pyramid a Lapis Lazuli merkaba rises above a hand-painted orgone flower of life disc surrounded by chakra stones associated with the third eye. Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Azurite and Sodalite are just some of the stones included here. A powerful mix to assist with expanding this energy center in balance.

The flower of life is the blueprint of all of creation and the foundation of the sacred geometry.

The Third Eye chakra is known as ajna chakra (sanskrit for command) This energy center is governs the mental body, intuition, dreaming, meditation, multi-dimensional awareness and expansion. The is the seat of the eternal and aspect of self. When this aspect of self is expanding in balance you become aware that you are more than any particular judgment, choice or of any one aspect of your total self. As you begin to see this about your self and your experience, you're understanding of 'others' expands as well.

Your intuition or inner voice comes from this aspect and when not taken over by the ego, will guide you into synchronistic moments of dramatic expansion. An easy way to tell if you are being led by your intuition is to note the feeling associated with the guidance. Is it fear based? Is it negative? Is it expansive or small and petty?

When we have expanded into a unified perspective, we realize all of the dualistic world of contrast and polarity exists for us to create and expand the experience of self we desired. We make choices and judgments about every aspect of our self and our experience to bring about the manifestation of these desires.

To assist with this, we've included every third eye stone we've got:

Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Moonstone
Blue Quartz
White Buffalo

Our 7 chakra mix is hidden within to assist with a balanced flow to all energy centers:

Quartz - Crown
Amethyst - Third Eye
Blue Apatite - Throat
Peridot - Heart
Citrine - Solar Plexus
Carnelian - Sacral
Garnet - Root

For Manifesting / Protection and Grounding

Nuummite, an ancient stone nearly 2 billion years old is often referred to as the magician's stone. It works to reconnect you to your personal power in all things, including your shift and transformation. Shungite works well with nuummite, providing mental purification of thought, beliefs and mental programming that no longer serves. Black tourmaline fills the base.

Titanium, brass, steel, copper, iron oxide and are the layered metals.

Size: 4.7" base x 4" h approx

Additional information

Weight 31 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in