7 Chakra Balance Pendant – Orgonite® – Flower of Life


An iron flower of life disc is surrounded by 7 chakra stones in this balancing, made to order pendant. The flower of Life is the basic template for all of creation. We ourselves form this pattern in the first few days after conception.

The shape is of the pendant is the shape that is created by 432hz in water. This is found in Cymatics or the study of how frequency forms matter. Look for this shape in spring as the plants renew the earth and you will see this is the frequency for expansion. Literally. This particular version is designed to expand the receptive or feminine force of the self in balance. Grounding and manifesting this energy deep within allows us to experience the amazing gift and co-creation this life can be at its most complete level. There is nothing more comforting than feeling the love of source pour through circumstances, people, and the unfoldment of life. This flow state is meant to be more than a fleeting glimpse of synchronicity or focused achievement. This optimal state of being is our divine birthright.

Multiple stones for each chakra make this a powerful piece that delivers a balanced and peaceful flow of energy.

CROWN - Amethyst
THIRD EYE - Lapis Lazuli
THROAT - Sodalite
HEART - Malachite
SOLAR PLEXUS - Yellow Jasper
SACRAL - Carnelian
ROOT - Garnet, Shungite

Size 2" per side Weight: 1.4oz approx

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in