Azurite Pendant – Orgonite® – Seed of Life


Connect the Third Eye - Heart connection with this focus pendant features Azurite, the 'Stone of Imagination'. It has a third eye focus and works to expand the visionary aspects of this energy center. It is a great stone for creativity, for staying in flow mentally.

This pendant is backed by Malachite, a stone of the heart chakra and works together to balance and expand the visionary and feeling experience in life.

Malachite is a copper based stone that offers the heart protection and an expanded and balanced connection with the solar plexus, our center for self esteem and self worth. Our heart works to expand whatever we allow for ourselves in the lower chakras.

The Seed of Life is the basic template for all of creation and is represented here on our custom iron disc. We ourselves form this pattern in the first few days after conception. It is the base pattern that forms the flower of life. You can use the seed of life to create change in any and every area of your life by focusing your vision into the seed of life disc and releasing it to the universe.

Backing mix for protection and amplification Included in this pendant:

Selenite - Power booster to all other stones and energetic cleanser. Fills auric field with light. Connection to Christ Consciousness field of awareness.

Clear Quartz - Activates all chakras but especially good for the crown.

Shungite and Nuummite that are ancient stones and assist with grounding, manifestation and protection.

Iron, Copper, sterling silver and brass are the metals that fill the back and power this pendant.

Comes with a hemp cord and is ready to wear.
Size: 1.25" x .75" x .5"

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in