Synergy 12 Pendant – Orgonite®- Merkaba


This high vibration pendant features an extremely rare and powerful stone combo designed to give you a serious energy boost and assist with spiritual transformation. This Ascension 23 pendant features a mix of 23 metals and crystals including all of the "synergy 12" stones, making it truly one of a kind.

This group of high energy crystals help deepen the connection to the higher self. They include Moldavite, Phenacite, Brookite, Danburite, Natrolite, Herderite, Scolecite, Tanzanite, Petalite and Tibetan Tektite and the two trademarked quartz stones. The remaining 11 are the violet flame crystals of Amethyst, Lepidolite, and Yttrium Flourite. Shungite and nuummite are ancient stones that assist with grounding and manifestations. Selenite is a cleanser and acts as an antenna to Christ Consciousness encouraging you to be the ideal version of yourself. Rounding out this mix are a group of metals including Iron, copper, silver, brass, and niobium.

The Merkaba is also known as the star tetrahedron. It is formed from when two opposite facing triangles intersect. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another. This is the symbol of our light body or our personal energy field that extends beyond and through the physical body.

This subtle, electromagnetic field of energy is only now beginning to be understood. Heartmath Institute has recently been able to confirm the existence of this field of energy by measuring the magnetic field of the heart a full 12 feet away from the test subject. Invoking and working with this symbol expands one energetic sovereignty.

Moldavite is the catalyst for inner evolution towards one’s highest good. This tektite formed when a meteor struck earth 20 million years ago in what is now the Czech Republic. The impact caused the existing rock material in the Earth to melt and fuse with the meteor, creating a new tektite made of both Earth and Star.

Moldavite triggers healing on all areas of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It holds templates and light codes that expand one into their highest expression of self. When this frequency is introduced into your energy field, it will bring to light that which is out of alignment in your life and that which is not in resonance with your highest expression. Depending on the individual, this can be subtle or earth-shaking. This transformation into your highest expression is ascension and moldavite will definitely speed up the process if one is open to it.

As moldavite opens the heart, Tanzanite brings the violet ray of healing and spiritual wisdom through the higher chakras, opening each and bringing with it spiritual energy and light. Tanzanite unites the mind with the heart, allowing the unprocessed and unbalanced energy of all aspects of mind to be brought to light in the heart with unconditional love. By loving these buried, forgotten or challenging aspects of ourselves, we transmute them and are free from the limiting conditions they impose on our experience or our expression.

Once stabilized in your energy field, Tanzanite offers deep insights and spiritual wisdom about any aspect of life you focus your awareness.

Scolecite, considered the stone for lightworkers, brings pure white light through each of the chakras. In this combination, it supports the energy of tanzanite, giving it an extra boost through the chakras.

Phenacite is an extremely powerful and intense stone. Phenacite is highly sought after by metaphysicians due to its high energy frequency/vibration. Phenacite is a powerful Third Eye activator and Crown Chakra stone, opening the user to visionary intuition and higher awareness of the spiritual realms (including the Angelic realms and Ascended Masters), as well as facilitating the downloading of spiritual knowledge. Phenacite also activates the higher chakras (above the crown) and assists in alignment with the higher self.

Phenacite accesses the Akashic Record, helping to identify and release dis-ease. When used in combination, Phenacite helps to amplify the healing energy of other stones. Phenacite will help to deepen meditation and assists in bringing the higher self/unconditional love/Christ consciousness into reality.

This pendant stabilizes ascension symptoms and offers protection and grounding as you raise your overall vibration. It is an incredible meditation piece when you place it over your 3rd eye, opening a portal to your higher nonphysical self.

Size: 1.5 " x 1" x .5"

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in